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Intertwining of Time

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Intertwining of Time is a story of a soul’s journey – an amazing, complex and wondrous excursion through time and space. Get ready for an enjoyable trip through other dimensions showing how everyday life can be woven into a much larger tapestry of meaning. Prepare to expand your sense of reality and your very definition of existence. 

Constantly seeking new and innovative ways to teach, Dr. Peake takes particular delight in teaming up with her fictional characters to create stories that entertain, educate and inspire. Her writings invite people to free their minds from preconceived notions, enabling them to view the world from a more spiritual perspective.


“Dr. Neala Peake, in Intertwining of Time, stretches our imagination by creating a moving and lyrical drama of soul development that takes place in timelines that are both distinct and overlapping. If you are wondering exactly what that means, read the book! It will move you, entertain you, and open you to a greater vision of the world’s wonder.”
– Dr. Eric Weiss, MFT
Author of The Long Trajectory: The Metaphysics of Reincarnation and Life After Death.

“Dr. Neala Peake presents us with an alternative world-view that is sure to intrigue, and may well even help us “remember” our multi-faceted existence. Intertwining of Time is more than a delightful novel, it also offers clues for us on our own adventures to wholeness.”
– Christopher Panzer, Artist and Writer

This fascinating novel by Dr. Neala Peake challenges my concept of time. She suggests that time is not linear but layered. Her exciting characters come alive enticing us to keep reading. I love Peake’s stress on using our spirit energies to discover solutions to life rather than through physical senses or intellectual pursuit.
-Gary Noyes, author, minister, psychotherapist, and Christian Mystic

The Journey Of Spiritual Cultivation

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Whether you are an experienced meditator or just starting your practice, this book will help you understand some of the subtle – and not so subtle – benefits and challenges that spiritual aspirants encounter.

Meditation and spiritual cultivation can uplift us and heal us physically, mentally and emotionally.  Some people are unaware that this process can also bring up unresolved psychological issues, awaken suppressed emotions, remove emotional blinders, and soften some of our psychological defenses.  Understanding the process makes our journey easier and allows for deeper healing.

Dr. Peake offers a unique perspective on the psychological aspects of meditation – the heart of spiritual practice -and explains why it is such a powerful and effective tool for healing.  The Journey of Spiritual Cultivation offers insights that prepare us for the challenges we may face.  It also teaches us that spiritual cultivation helps not only ourselves,but everyone around us.



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