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As a psychologically trained empath, Neala helps people recognize and confront the deeply rooted unconscious beliefs and emotions that hold them back - (the places where they think they are “broken”) and helps them to heal their core patterns to become more whole. 

Sessions are $160. and can be either  in-person, by phone or video chat



Much of what blocks us from getting what we really want in life are beliefs and thought patterns rooted deep within our emotional unconscious.  We know we are stuck but can’t figure out how to get out of it.  We define ourselves as broken, but in reality these “broken” places are the key to our healing.  When we are faced with pain and trauma, we can become overwhelmed.  To protect ourselves, we push aside that which is too painful to deal with so that we can still move forward.  These parts then become “broken” or split off from the rest of our psyche. It takes courage to look at what we have disowned, but when we come face to face with it, we begin to heal and become more whole.  


Chiropractor and intuitive energy healer Dr. Greg Vrona has teamed up with psychospiritual healer Dr. Neala Peake. Together they can help you to define and change these otherwise unconscious core patterns.  Neala can help you to define them and understand more of their content.  Greg can help you to both energetically and physically alter the way you carry them in your body.  Working together they can create a gentle way to for you to begin to understand where you are blocked and to help you shift into patterns of greater freedom and hope.


From Greg and Neala: 

Beginning in August, we will be offering a monthly small group for people who have done previous workshops or for people who are just interested in exploring what we are about.  Our goal is to help each of you leave feeling lighter, more hopeful and more balanced than when you came in - and with a better understanding of yourself, your core patterns, and your ability to heal.


Group size is limited and registration will be done on a first come first serve basis. Cost for the small group is $78.

For information on dates, times and registration, click here to be redirected to the sign up page on Greg Vrona's website.

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