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Dr. Neala Peake 
Psychospiritual Healing

Seeing our wounds as guides and opportunities


Typically we go to healers to “fix” what is broken and wrong with us.  But, what if we are not broken (in the way we usually think of it) but actually just perfectly imperfect.  Can healing include loving our unique style of brokenness and seeing what it has to offer us?


It is gentler, softer and kinder to find self-acceptance and inner peace than berate ourselves for our imperfections.

Enter Akhilandeshwari,  a Vedantic Goddess whose  name translates as “She Who Is Never Not Broken”.  She teaches us that our cracks are where the spiritual light can enter, and that our wounds are our guides as to how we can evolve and grow.  Without them we would become complacent and have no incentive to evolve further.  It is helpful as well as challenging to understand and pursue healing our wounds, but we also need compassion for our broken places and the ability to embrace what they teach us. 


Even with this understanding, the process of healing can be daunting.   No life is perfect.  We have all been wounded in one way or another.  The cracks formed by these wounds create our core beliefs and the unconscious patterns that hold us back from being all that we can be.  Yet the places we identify as “problem areas” can also be our healing guides.  As we bring our conscious awareness to that which we have rejected as too painful, we embrace our cracks. Perhaps we felt emotions or had experiences that were overwhelming and caused us to shut down or hide a part of ourself.  When we split part of ourselves off this way, we are less whole and a crack has been created. Reuniting with these disowned parts can be painful and challenging, but doing so also guides us towards greater wholeness.

As a psychological empath, Neala can feel these energetic blocks and disowned places and help bring them back into conscious awareness.  This can bring us face to face with our pain, our “brokenness” and that which we previously found too uncomfortable to look at.  By facing and reuniting with these “broken” pieces, we find our essential self as we were meant to be before the wounding.  We find our strength; deepen our compassion, and our ability to love, and create healthier relationships. And we move closer to our true self. 

We are all broken so let’s learn to see the beauty in the cracks.

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