…blending psychology, meditation & spiritual practice (Dr.NealaPeake@gmail.com)


In her workshops and individual sessions, Dr. Peake uses a blending of psychology, meditation and spiritual practice to demonstrate how the beliefs you hold at your deepest core affects and colors your world. She will help you understand and heal your inner wounds but will also emphasize finding your inner gifts and ability for joy.

Spiritual Practice: Through spiritual practice we can shift our attitudes, quiet our disruptive mental chatter and overcome many personal and physical challenges.

Meditation:  Dr. Peake teaches a form of meditation that allows us to work with spiritual energy to release barriers that hold us back from achieving our life’s goals and desires.

Psychology: Getting to know our “selves” from a spiritually oriented, psychological perspective paves the way for growth and healing.

Meditation and spiritual cultivation are powerful ways of achieving peace and harmony within ourselves and in our relationships with others.


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