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 Meditation and the Use of Subtle Energies
for Psychological & Spiritual Healing

 For centuries meditation has been a path to inner peace and to spiritual development. Though in essence it is “merely” a practice of sitting quietly, it can be challenging as well as beneficial. What is it that keeps us too busy to ever fully relax? What keeps us from knowing what is really going on in inside ourselves? One way to find out is to spend some time just doing “nothing” and in the process discover what keeps you from being all you can be.

Sound simple?  It is, but the simplicity is deceptive. Many people are unaware that meditation softens our psychological defenses, brings up unresolved issues, removes emotional blinders, and awakens suppressed emotions thereby bringing us face to face with all aspects of ourselves – both positive and negative. The insights and increased emotional awareness that come through meditation can help us achieve inner peace – but it is important to understand how to work constructively with what emerges.

The more challenging aspects of spiritual growth and development involves facing our negative, or “dark” side: bringing up unconscious fears, personal issues, suppressed feelings, and negative attitudes.   All of us have a dark side as well as a potential for greatness.  While we may love to hear about our strengths and our gifts, it  takes great courage to face the disowned parts of our psyche – what Dr. Peake refers to as “inner demons”. 

The heart of Dr. Peake’s workshops involves helping people explore and heal these unconscious “inner demons” in order to liberate joy and creativity.

Dr. Peake has been teaching and leading workshops for more than 20 years.  In both her workshops and individual sessions she uses her intuition and psychological training to help  people recognize and heal their negative patterns. In her Beyond Beginners workshops, she demonstrates how to combine meditation, spiritual cultivation and psychological awareness to facilitate positive healing and change. 


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