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croppedI have been asked to describe myself in a few paragraphs. How does one do that? I am more than my profession, my belongings, my past, or the people with whom I share my life. What makes me who and what I am? I only know what is most important to me. This I can state simply. I value the special people around me – my “family” – though not all are related to me. I value the spiritual and sacred parts of life, and all that helps me to connect with them. The rest is just details of no particular lasting importance. Yet, these details do tell a lot about a person and are interesting in their own special way. So  

Dr. Peake is a teacher, author, psychological empath and healer. She earned her Ph.D. in psychology and spent many years as a clinical psychologist in private practice. However, her interest in spirituality kept taking her onto other paths — one of  which involved spending six years traveling with a spiritual teacher who taught her about the use of spiritual energies in healing. This training enables her to work with and read people’s subtle energies – feeling where a person is blocked and what emotional issues need to be addressed to bring about healing. Using a blend of psychology, meditation and spiritual practice she helps people heal their core wounds and live a more joyous life.

She is the author of:

The Journey of Spiritual Cultivation: Healing through Meditation and Spiritual Practice

Intertwining of Time – A Multi-Dimensional Story of Love and Healing: A novel using fictional story as a medium for teaching about spirituality

She has also written several short stories designated as “Spiritual Fairly Tales For All Ages”

Currently, she leads workshops and teaches classes in spiritual development and personal healing. She is also available for private consultations by phone and Skype.




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